A special occasion banquet, a special occasion reception, or a wedding should run smoothly, in accordance with the maxim savoir-vivre, or the norm accepted. But, why not add to this a bit of imagination, which will add a unique atmosphere and it will quarantee an unforgettable experience. We will put to use our experience and organizational skills so that you and your guests may remember the ceremony for many years.

That is why we take care of all the organizational aspects of an event professionally. In order to save you time consuming searches and stressful negociations we will find the most suitable location, or we will personally check the place sellected by you in Poland or abroad. Depending on the nature of the event, it may be a stylized restaurant, an Old Polish manor, a luxury hotel, or even an old factory. You may also have your guests in a palace, or in the open air, if you wish to. The decorations and the space arrangements can be altered in accordance with your wishes. Our professional service also consists of providing for the accomodation of the guests and the coordination of the arrival of the guests.

Our training and experience enable us to provide catering, including selected dishes and beverages, as well as an appropriate artistic setting- ranging from wine table-wear and attractive menu cards to unique thank you cards for the guests.

If your ceremony is to honour well known and respected show business personalities, or exceptional additional attractions, we are prepared to fulfill your wildest expectations and desires. 

We also recommend a professional photo and video service so that every guest can go back at any time to your organized banquet or wedding.