Professional catering is one of the most demanding services in the event trade. For us it is an art form which we have mastered to perfection. As experienced graduates of cookery schools, we offer expert catering service of events, receptions, conferences and banquets.

The ceremony of food preperation consists of many various factors which have to combine together ideally to create a complete whole. We begin with the proper selection of the dishes served,which we adapt to the preferences of the clients, the time of the year, and to the specifics of the location. The elegance of the menu complements the table decorations and the decorations of the dishes. While trained serving staff await in readiness to fulfill all the needs of the guests.

Food preperation holds no secrets from our cooks and waitering personnel. Thanks to their skills you can feel the culinary gourmet and aroma of the most distant corners of the world. Our team assures you of excellent catering services, all in accordance with the European Union's standards concerning food freshness and hygiene.