Every conference has its own specifically defined strategic purpose. It may be an effective launch of a new company, or a new brand introduced onto the market, an opening of a building, but it can also be to create a debate- or even a revolution- in a specific field. In order for the exchange of information and experience to be effective during such a meeting, we care for each detail at every stage of the organized conference.

As professionals, we take care of all logistics. On your behalf we will select a comfortable, verified and the most suitable conference building in Poland, and in the world, for an unlimited number of participants. We personally supervise the course of every conference, which allows us o coordinate all the details. We will choose the best means of transportation, and the catering- taking into consideration the culinary preferences, we will assure professional waitering staff.

Every care is taken for each meeting to run flawlessly from the moment of arrival and the registration of the participants at reception, through to discussions and meetings, and on to further attractions, made to suit you.

The key elements to the success of congresses and seminars are also reliable equipment and a qualified technical service That is why we guarantee to provide modern sound systems, for translations and for video conferences, equipment for audio-visual presentations, the recording of image and soud, as well as the handling of printing and advertising.

Our experience and knowledge of the meeting and accomodation market allow us to negociate the best prices and conditions, and let you save time and money associated with the proper organization of such events.