Casino, paintball, zorbing, field games, extreme sports in the water and in the air, Elvis Presley performances- are only some of the attractions which have become regular features of integration meetings. How do you choose those which fulfill their main purpose: provide a large dose of energy and good entertainment, relieving the stress and tiredness, and at the same time strengthening the spirits of the team?

We are here to assist you in the appropriate form of team building and to successfully integrate the employees. We work out unique plots of events in close cooperation with our clients, We design and assist in loyalty and motivation programs for companies through complex organizing of events, building relations and corporate education.

Our professional team will find the place for the event which will be ideally suitable for having field and logic games. We will select a team of professional coaches, qualified in the technique of building cooperation. We will handle the entire logistical paperwork of the undertaking.

We guarantee full safety to the participants of the most extreme adventures.

Additionally, if you would like to combine your integration event with your strategy concerning rules of social responsibility in business, we warmly recommend our services in the area of organizing so called " green events ". We organize them in hotels that care about the natural environment, are located in the vicinity of the headquarters of the company, and have a natural, healthy menu.